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Specialists in Infrared Thermal imaging, Electrical safety audits, Energy audits, Energy management and conservation, Training & Development.

project 1

Advanced Electrical Inspection for Residential Apartments


Often we choose an Architect or Civil Engineer while constructing a home or selecting an apartment but never seek support of an Electrical engineer for our home electrification. Do you think our home is safe, reliable and efficient ? How could you ensure safety of your beloved ones and electronic gadgets and equipments?
Our specialized inspection helps to identify hidden risk of fire, anomalies in electrical installation, chances of electric shocks, energy wastage and many more

project 2

Datacare™ for Data center reliability

ProductsData center reliability

IT operations are a crucial aspect of most organizational operations around the world. One of the main concerns is business continuity; companies rely on their Data center systems to run their operations. If a system becomes unavailable, company operations may be impaired or stopped completely. It is necessary to provide a reliable infrastructure for Data centers, in order to minimize any chance of disruption. Installations can be Tier #1 or Tier # 4 as per TIA -942 Data center standards. But we need to ensure quality services to assure reliability.
Ensuring redundancy in Power supply, providing precision Air conditioners for cooling alone can not ensure Data center availability round the clock. Any anomalies in Electrical installation like poor reliability, presence of harmonics, improper earthing etc, Hot spots in racks, blockage in air paths, mixing of hot/cold air and many other reasons can affect cooling effectiveness of components and reduce life expectancy.

project 3



Advanced Electrical Safety Audit – First one of its kind in India, helps you to identify anomalies in Electrical installations which may lead to fire hazards, electric shocks, damage to equipments and lead to breakdown and production loss.
Electrical audit as per IEE / NEC standards helps to identify lapses in the electrical system and assures standard operation and maintenance . This would comply all local / Govt. standard practices and procedures to maintain an electrical system . Essential to protect human life and assets !
Expert electrical scanning using Infrared thermography helps to identify hidden risk of fire, looseness or improper termination, improper crimping, inadequate earthing, thermal effects of harmonics, under rated or poor quality gadgets and accessories and many other issues which may lead to fire hazards, breakdown and energy wastage.

project 4



Often we follow decades old practices for maintaining electrical installations, which may not be sufficient now!
As part of scheduled maintenance program, we used to inspect electrical panel board interiors for any loose connections. When we inspect 100s of bolted joints hardly few may be loose. It can be repaired in few minutes but it takes hours to detect.
Do we need to continue the same practice ? If we can identify the condition of each bolted joints while in operation, maintenance can be done in few minutes ! Electrocare helps you to ensure safety of human beings and equipments, assures reliability and reduces energy wastage.

project 5



Electrical installation of factories must be intact for ensuring OEE ( Overall equipment effectiveness) assuring safety of employees, assuring safety of equipments, avoiding risk of fire hazards, reducing energy wastage etc.
Electrocare using IR Thermal imaging helps to identify anomalies in electrical installations before it leads to a major problem. It is essential for Transformers, Motors, Electrical panels boards, Variable frequency drive panels, Electronic equipments and systems etc.

project 6


ProductsELECTROCARE™ FOR IT Facilities

Most of the IT facilities are equivalent to factories when it comes to electrical installations. But unlike factories, IT facilities may not have Engineering professionals to manage electrical installations or being done through contractors.
Anomalies in electrical installation could affect IT Operations, data center reliability and safety of employees. Hence facility must be maintained well and free from electrical issues.
Our value added services helps IT firms to ensure safety of employees and costly IT gadgets and equipments, ensures reliability and reduces energy cost.

project 7

Encon for Quick results

ProductsEncon for Quick results

Various ways are there to reduce energy consumption and to make profits. Our specialized services provide quick results and help you to save money in the current financial year itself !

project 8

Encon for Role model development

ProductsEncon for Role model development

Encon can not be done in isolation. Develop role models within the organization to spear head energy conservation movement

project 9

Cement plant performance improvement

ProductsCement plant performance improvement

Our value added services customized for cement plants assures improved plant performance

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